How to Practice Yoga at Home

For those times when you can’t make it to your local studio, here’s how to practice yoga at home.

Being a digital nomad means taking your workout on the road as you move from place to place. And, while you can get a temporary membership at a gym or yoga studio, it’s also important to know how to do your favorite workouts (or some variation of them) at home, too.

If yoga is your thing, it’s understandably frustrating that you can’t make it to your favorite studio for classes right now due to COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your practice on hold. Here’s how to practice yoga at home, plus some apps to help guide you along the way.

What Do You Need to Do Yoga at Home?

You only need to have a few things handy at your place:

·  A yoga mat 

·  Comfortable clothes

If you don’t have access to a mat, it’s perfectly fine to do yoga on your carpet. You just might want to wear non-slip socks (if you have them) to help keep you from toppling over.

What Are the Best Apps to Practice Yoga at Home?

While you can go through your own yoga practice based on things you already know, it can be helpful to use apps to guide you. Here are a few to check out:

Asana Rebel

Like to go pretty hard in the yoga studio? Asana Rebel is for you. This app focuses on a range of different things, depending on your needs. There are classes focused on burning fat, strength training, and overall fitness, all set to fun music. The  app let’s you choose classes based on the body part you want to work out or how much time you have. The app costs anywhere from $9.99 up to $19.99, depending on the level of membership you want.


Glo offers up more than 3,700 classes (which also include pilates and meditation) taught by a slew of different instructors. Glo suggests classes for you to try, based on the information you fill out about yourself, or can search for classes by your personal preferences. It costs $22.99 a month for a monthly membership and $199.99 for an annual membership.

5 Minute Yoga

Only have a few minutes to spare? 5 Minute Yoga is ready with mini-classes that take no longer than five minutes. Each post has clear photos and detailed instructions on how to do it, which is super handy if you’re on the beginner end of things. 5 Minute Yoga costs $0.99 after you try it for a three-day membership, $9.99 for a full upgrade, and $4.99 for 100 days.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a great option for beginners. The app lets you choose between 27 different sessions of varying duration and difficulty. It helps you learn different poses with its “pose dictionary,” which gives detailed explanations of the right way to do the pose and the benefits of each. The app has default music, or you can play music from your own library or Spotify instead. Pocket Yoga is $2.99 to download—that’s it.


Peloton is known for their stationary bike and treadmill workouts, but the company’s app offers up so much more—including yoga sessions. Pick guided programs taught by top instructors and track your progress as you go. Peloton is currently offering free 90-day trials. After that, it’s $19.49 a month.

Practicing yoga at home can be pretty fun. And, once coronavirus restrictions are lifted, you can head back to the studio knowing you can bring your A-game.

Practice Yoga at Home
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

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