Join Our 2020 Co-Travel Escape to the Madeira Island, Portugal!

Interested in a co-travel experience in the New Year? Join us for our trip to Madeira Island Portugal!

Digital nomads usually exist on an island of one. You go where you want to go, when you want to go, and you meet people along the way.

That’s an exciting way to live, but sometimes you want to join forces for a co-travel experience to an epic location for a road trip with other industry leaders and people who just get what the nomad lifestyle is about. Well, NomadX has teamed up with the incredible digital nomad travelers and business partners Michelle Maree and Andreas Machado from The Nomad Escape and Nomad Productions to offer an exclusive co-travel experience with them to kick off 2020.

Michelle and Andreas put on the most incredible trips and they will be there with you to co-create and share their journey with you on the beautiful Madeira Portuguese Island off the coast of Africa. We’re inviting just nine digital nomads to join us for a 21-day adventure at Madeira Island. This is a trip in partnership with NOMADX. For more about Madeira Island check out our write up earlier this year: https://blog.nomadx.com/calling-all-digital-nomads-the-paradise-island-where-you-can-work-remotely-1fa60f718c0a

The trip will take place from January 5 through 25 and currently, there are just four spots left. During the co-travel experience, you can expect premium accommodations (many times 5*) to be arranged for you. We’ll also arrange mastermind workshops, fun outdoor activities, and transportation, and our expert video crew led by Andreas Machado will document the whole thing (so you have your own video of the experience to play back whenever you want). And, of course, we’ll make sure there’s always good Wifi. Read here more details about this epic trip and here about who you will be traveling with.

Interested? Here’s the deal: Michelle and Andreas carefully curate these trips to make sure to get the best group possible, so everyone has a great experience.

They’re looking for highly motivated people who love to travel and share their skills. To apply, you’ll share some information about yourself and our team will get back to you within two days.

You don’t need to be a seasoned nomad to join in on the fun — newbies are welcome, too!

If you snag the early bird fee, you’ll pay just €1599, with a 20% deposit. But NomadX customers actually get a discount. Just use the code NOMADX2020 , and you’ll save €50.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now to lock in your first major trip of the New Year.


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As Digital Nomads ourselves, we know what the market is looking for: trusted, affordable accommodations in highly-attractive locations worldwide at 50% less than AirBNB. We also offer educational masterclasses to help master the lifestyle as well as community events to help foster new friendships.

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