Live w/ Chelsae Zirna from Emergence “Create The Life Of Your Dreams”

We were super excited to go Live with Chelsae Zirna, a conscious entrepreneur, digital nomad and founder / host of the Emergence Festival!

Known for her authentic self expression, divine feminine leadership, and grounded soulful business coaching, Chelsae Zirna specializes in raising consciousness. She is the founder of Rewild Worldwide, a movement to Rewild humanity back to its natural intuitive essence, and the host of Emergence Festival. She has been a teacher, leader, speaker, coach, and facilitator for over 10 years.

Interview Transcription

Dave: How are you doing today?

Chelsae: Perfect. I can hear you great too. We did it.

Dave: All right. This is awesome.

Chelsae: Woo hoo!

Dave: Yesterday was a disaster.

Chelsae: I know. I’ve never had luck with my Facebook Live in the entire time that I’ve done it. But I’m glad I got it to work now. I just heard you talk about Clubhouse, actually. I’ve been on Clubhouse a little bit lately and… revolution, like a bunch of people from the founders of like Facebook and Snapchat. I was like, “wow”, like.

Dave: Yeah, sorry about that. I had to turn off my alarm because it was starting to go. Yeah, the Clubhouse looks cool. Let’s get into this interview because I don’t want to mess around too much.

Chelsae: Awesome.

Dave: As you all know, Chelsae’s was a NomadX customer a few years ago. She’s been traveling the world. She can tell you a little bit about herself into the interview. But Portugal, Bali, Mexico, she’s from the U.S. She’s putting on this amazing conference. So why don’t we just launch into it?

Chelsae: Sure.

Dave: Chelsae, tell us what you’re up to. What is this event coming up this weekend? Why should people sign up for this thing? What’s up with it?

Chelsae: Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Well, at the beginning of COVID we realized that there was a huge disconnect and people really wanted connection and people wanted resources for gaining consciousness, and also just getting out of these fear states, and being surrounded by people who were able to help. So we created this event, it was originally called CAREona Fest. We’ve held six festivals since then. We’ve had over 150 coaches participate. We’ve had over 1500 people attend the festivals. Now we are having our sixth event and it’s going to be this upcoming weekend, and it’s called Emergence Festival. So we rebranded ourselves to the Chrysalis. A Chrysalis is when a Caterpillar goes into like a little cocoon and then emerges into a butterfly. So this festival is called Emergence Festival to kind of symbolize that we bet in a collective Chrysalis for all of 2020 practically breaking down ourselves and doing our shadow work and then transforming into new people.

The point of this festival is basically to help people take on 2021 with a new perspective, and just a hopeful mentality. And to not get dragged down by a lot of the things that could easily just wipe out the hope. When you don’t have a lot of hope, you don’t really take action and you’re not really motivated to do things. So this event is going to have about 40 different speakers, including the founder of Gene Keys. If you’re familiar with Gene Keys, it’s basically a compilation of the [inaudible 00:04:23,] astrology, human design, and quantum physics. I see a lot of people are hurting that. Yeah, it’s really rare to have Richard Rudd speak. He’s spoken across… He’s spoken for Unify, and that’s where I heard him. He was in front of 25,000 people. He’s really spent about 20 years or more designing this beautiful system and methodology for understanding ourselves. So he’ll be headlining the festival. We’ll have countless other speakers. So I’m really looking forward to it.

Dave: Who should come to this festival? Who do you expect to arrive? What’s the target? We’ve got a lot of people here, remote workers, digital nomads, some that are hustlers that are more interested in spirituality-

Chelsae: Totally.

Dave: What’s the pitch to come to this event? Spend the whole weekend in lockdown? What’s up?

Chelsae: Yeah. So this is mainly for people who are interested in personal growth, who want to better themselves. Who are a little okay with some of these woo-woo topics like, manifestation and the law of attraction. They’re wanting to explore that deeper. Jonathan Berry, which he’s also a part of NomadX. He’ll actually be speaking as well on how to take the leap and actually be a digital nomad, and do it in a conscious way. So if you’re interested in consciousness, if you’re interested in bettering yourself, this is the event to go to.

It’s just a really good way to build more community among like-minded people. I think right now, especially more than ever right now, it can be really challenging to connect. Especially, when everyone is walking around with all of these masks, even notice that people don’t want to make as much eye contact and people want to kind of avoid each other in the grocery stores and in public. It kind of sends this message that we need to keep distance. We need to keep socially distancing. Although that there is validity to that, it also subconsciously makes us go into depressed states. We’re not meant to not have a connection. So events like this are meant to bring people together and connect. So if you’re kind of curious about consciousness and spirituality, but you’re really seeking connection, it’s also good for people who just want to connect with like-minded people.

Dave: How did you meet these people? Are they all nomads? Or where are they based out?

Chelsae: Yeah.

Dave: I see these amazing pictures of you on Facebook and it looks like maybe a couple of them are coached.

Chelsae: Totally.

Dave: Tell us a little bit more about where you found these people and how you got this whole group together?

Chelsae: Yeah. So I became a digital nomad, right? I was working at IBM. So I quit my job a few years ago and went to Burning Man. That was the first place I went. Then I moved to Barcelona and lived in a co-living space. Then we all the whole house ended up picking up the house and moving it to Bali. So then I was nomadic in Bali for a few months. During this whole journey, I was going to Mindvalley Conferences. I met like hundreds of coaches. So for the last few years I’ve been meeting all of these coaches, forming relationships with them. When COVID hit, I was like, I should just ask every single coach that I know-

Dave: Hey Chelsae-

Chelsae: … that we have. Yeah?

Dave: Oh, there you go.

Chelsae: Yeah-

Dave: We lost you for-

Chelsae: Yeah. I know I had a little pop-up come up.

Dave: No problem.

Chelsae: So basically, I traveled the world and met all of these coaches and formed these relationships with them. When COVID hit, I was like, “Let’s get everybody I’ve ever met together and give back to everybody.” So that’s what we did. Now we’re at the point where I know a lot of the coaches and some of them I’m just introduced to. Like, I don’t personally know Richard Rudd, but I love his work, and he’s incredible. There’s a few other coaches that are like that as well. But yeah, for the most part, I met them actually being a digital nomad, and traveling the world, and going to different conferences and going to events and living this lifestyle. So this has been a life-changing thing for me.

I would say, being a digital nomad was how I found myself, and was how I was able to find my purpose in life. That’s now evolved into running these festivals through all the contacts that I made. It was definitely the most pivotal point of my life, I would say for sure. Was living in Bali and kind of letting go of all of my attachments, and all of my possessions, and just like picking up and moving across the world, it was huge for personal growth.

Dave: Where are you now, Chelsae?

Chelsae: Now I’m living in Tulum, Mexico. So yeah, I had no intention of being here. But in July during the middle of the whole pandemic, I met a bunch of people who were working for Delta Airlines and they said, you know what? The only place in the world that’s open right now is Tulum, Mexico. If you want, we’re going to all take a trip together. I was like, “Okay, I guess I’m in, I’m not doing anything else. My business is online now.” So I ended up never going back. I ended up just staying here and it’s been six months. I officially just gave up my apartment in Atlanta, and I love it here. I’m loving living this lifestyle.

I actually believe I follow astrology really closely. I’m also living among the Mayans. So I’ve been studying a lot of ancient… like people that are studying with ancient Mayan, the Mayan calendar and a lot of the shamans that live here. The Mayan calendar shifts into a new era every 2000 or so years. December 21st of 2020, we actually shifted into that new era, which is technically the beginning of the age of Aquarius. Aquarius is the energy of living in communities. Instead of structuring things from the top down, it’s actually having more of a community base and more leadership from the community versus having all of these structures in place.

The astrologers predict that we’re actually going to see a lot of transitions, and a lot of people actually moving into communities. So they are saying that instead of everybody congregating in big cities and having jobs in these office buildings, people are going to actually want to live in these kind of community-based things where you get to choose your community. Now that everyone’s job is online, we’re really seeing that. A lot of my friends have even reached out and they’re like, “Yeah, we’re thinking of going nomadic.” The girl who took over my apartment is building a van over the next six months. She’s going to go travel and do her job online, and live in a van with her boyfriend.

Dave: Cool.

Chelsae: That seems like it’s going to be a trend, and that’s coming up more and more. Yeah.

Dave: Cool. So yeah, just to offer some quick value to the community, give us a top travel hack, tip, something you’ve learned on a journey you want to share with the group.

Chelsae: Yeah. Okay. I’ll give a couple. So if you live in the United States, this is an amazing one because we all know that we get travel points. So I’ve actually gotten a free flight every single year or more just through using travel points with my credit card. If you’re not in the U.S. you have to check with your credit card companies to see if they offer that. The other thing is there is some benefit to going with the flow and just kind of allowing your… Not planning too far ahead. Because for me, one of the hacks that I did is I didn’t have a place to live when I came here, and I just happened to meet the perfect person that put me in the perfect scenario to where I found this perfect place to live.

So I would say instead of planning super far ahead allow it to flow. I would say living in community is another thing. I wouldn’t just choose a place based on how cheap it is, or how whatever I would actually… Like when you’re moving somewhere one of the best things is being surrounded by community. So I would choose places, especially if you’re looking at countries to go to or even just like communities to live in, where there is some of that built in. I know that NomadX does that really well, because that changes the entire experience.

Dave: You have more intentional communities is what… You’re sounding like [Ye] right now. I think that being around intentional communities, people like yourself, people who inspire you. It’s super valuable in terms of really expanding yourself, learning. I think you can learn a lot from other people versus just sitting at home in your apartment, getting worked on, working around other people that are like yourself, that inspire you and make you better. Then when you go home, you’ve got all this learning, you can kind of try and put into action.

Chelsae: Yeah.

Dave: In terms of a most transformative experience, I’m kind of curious, Chelsae… You’ve been doing a lot of meditation, a lot of yoga, been pushing the boundaries. What’s been the most transformational for you in your journey?

Chelsae: Wow. I mean, I think at the beginning, when you kind of like map the path to awakening, it usually starts with a dark night of the soul. So I would say that’s usually a catalyst, and that happened in Bali, and that was extremely transformational. Breaking down my identity and being like, “What is it that I believe? If I don’t want to make $100 grand or whatever, working at a corporation, what is it that I want to do? If I don’t want to”… I had to break down all of these different barriers to the things that I was taught, built up in my mind.

I’m like, “What is it that’s truly important to me? How do I want to impact the world? Do I want to really work for somebody else my whole life? Or I want to kind of do what I feel and trust that I’m capable of creating something on my own.” I think that process was like a catalyst for me. That spiraled me into everything else. I would say right now I’ve been working a lot with the Kundalini energy. I would say that, that’s been very transformational. So for anybody that’s on that path, ecstatic dance is a huge tool that I use. I’m always dancing, which is kind of like-

Dave: What is Kundalini?

Chelsae: Yeah, it’s the energy that sits at the base of your spine. They almost call it like a snake and it’s your life force energy. It just moves through your chakra system, your sushumna. You can actually activate that energy with yoga, with dancing, with sensuality. When you activate that energy and you activate it enough, you’ll have an awakening, a Kundalini awakening. It’s kind of this moment of moving out of the matrix and moving out of this 3D reality and experiencing life more from this place of… I would say the divine feminine, I would say this place of deeper trust, and less… yeah, just less in the world and more of the world. So kind of like being the observer of reality versus being in reality so closely. You can have that through multiple different ways. But yeah, that’s been transformational right now in my journey.

Dave: Right. Sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing that with us. That’s super cool. One of the things I want to ask you about too, in terms of cautiousness, because I know your conference is all about consciousness and kind of dreaming about your future.

Chelsae: Yeah.

Dave: I guess for people that are on this channel that are new to nomadism or current nomads, well, how would you recommend they build consciousness? Maybe more into their personal life, more into their travels, into their business? I think we’ve been trying to do a lot of that. What do you see in terms of people as they’re looking for these transformations, as they’re looking to buy in this new kind of spiritual level, or beyond just making a profit. What does that look like for you? How do you adapt to this in this new nomadic lifestyle?

Chelsae: Just give it one second. I think it might have frozen. Okay. There we go. So if you’re just starting, I would say we’ve actually mapped out the seven levels to awakening. So it really depends on which stage that you are in, in the process. If you’re just beginning, I would just start with simple things like asking yourself simple questions of, “Why do I get triggered in my relationships? Why do I react to things?” That’s a huge one usually for most people. If they find themselves reacting a lot to the world, it’s usually because they have a lot of unhealed wounds that come up from childhood and things that haven’t been really healed. I would say that’s a huge place to start your own personal relationships. I would just look at if you haven’t traveled on your own, or if you haven’t ever taken a risk. Usually doing something that’s a little bit exploratory, like finding ways to kind of soul search and have those moments.

I know growing up my dad always was like, “Why do people need to find themselves? Don’t you just know who you are?” I would say to an extent, yes. But I think a lot of people sometimes even live their entire lives and die not really knowing who they are, and not knowing where they come from and their connection to everything. They think everything is just separate and they don’t see this bigger picture of connection. I think that there’s always an opportunity to lean into those things, and ask questions, and just gain… Consciousness just means awareness. So it’s like having awareness of the world. Like, “Ah, so where did religion really come from? Why do we view things the way that we view them? Why do they call it programming on TV? Are we being programmed?” Just asking these questions, and going into these mental constructs and breaking them down. Working with a coach is another really good way.

So yeah, I would just say depending on what stage in the process you’re at, there are different things that you can do. If you’re interested in what I’m talking about with these stages, right after the festival we’re going to have a mastermind. We’re going to dive into each of these stages, and we’re going to break these down so that you can go into where you’re at and find out how you can best evolve. So we’ve tailored a little mastermind program just for people who are interested in that exact question.

Dave: Okay. Awesome. Chels. Amazing. What exciting plans do you have for this 2021? What’s coming up? I know you had a lot in 2020. This is a big event you have coming up. But what should we expect the rest of this year for Chelsae, and for the Emergence Festival?

Chelsae: Yeah. So we’re going to have three festivals this year, one in the winter, one in the spring and then one in the fall. So they’re going to be all branded a little bit differently. We have our Emergence Festival now. Then we’re going to have our Metamorphosis Festival in the spring, and then our [Luminescence] Festival in the fall. So it’s going through these stages of becoming a butterfly and actually transforming. We’ll be unveiling and releasing a lot more things throughout the year. Especially as technology to evolve, and our technology continues to evolve. We are looking at partnering with a Burning Man type company to develop something special. So hopefully that’ll be released sometime this year. One day as the world kind of opens back up, we hope to have one of these in person and invite your whole community, and anybody who feels called to have these experiences in person. Because that would be the ultimate goal.

Dave: Awesome. So yeah, there’s so much going on. We’re in this massive transition, we’re in the age of Aquarius. Chelsae’s on the scene. I’m trying not to smile too much because I have a missing tooth. Pretty embarrassing. [crosstalk] back it on Friday. So it’s not very good for life. If I smile, is the problem? It was an ice hockey injury. This is maybe getting out of my ego a bit here, doing this with you.

Chelsae: I’m so glad this is perfect.

Dave: Let’s see here. I look like a hockey player. Listen, okay. We’re in the age of Aquarius, things are changing. I’ve seen it a lot. I’ve seen it with the digital nomads. It’s like people are more spiritual, they’re more connected, they’re more interested in working conscious businesses. It was kind of like, it took a while I think for everyone to wake up, I think this pandemic has created really-

Chelsae: Totally.

Dave: … a wake up call for everyone. Whether they like it or not, they’re stuck at home. The environment’s coming back to a more normal state. People are becoming more conscious. They’re thinking about what sort of actions, interactions, they want to have. What are the people they want to hang out with? So I think there’s a big kind of like a global revolution taking place. I feel like the Gen Zs and your millennial generation is really the ones leading the pack.

Chelsae: Yeah. Absolutely.

Dave: You may experiment some with psychedelics, you may be drugs-free, you may not drink that much. So it’s this new group that’s coming through, and I think it’s really, really inspiring. So I really see a lot of opportunities coming out of this pandemic. Just super excited for you, Chelsae. I guess before we end, did you want to offer… You said you’re going to give away two free passes. Maybe you can let people know in the comments.

Chelsae: Yes.

Dave: Let’s see here-

Chelsae: Yeah.

Dave: If people are online, if anyone has any questions, we’ll try to answer them all. So go ahead and fill in the comments, ask questions. I see Matt Thomas here. He’s a friend of ours from Atlanta and he was-

Chelsae: Nice. Hi Matt.

Dave: … in Portugal. He runs a-

Chelsae: That’s so great.

Dave: … nonprofit boxing organization, which has done amazing things. Then Michael says, “We are psychedelic” Good point there Mike.

Chelsae: Good answer. You got to explore one way or the other. Whether it’s in your mind or in the world.

Dave: Just don’t do too much, is my recommendation. But yeah, we got to expand our minds, and we’re really at a point of change. I think if you’re committed to that, you can commit to Chelsae. Stop by, go to her event this weekend. Sign up. It’s a drop in the bucket with like $29 bucks, 10% discount.

Chelsae: Yeah.

Dave: She’s got 40 amazing coaches if nothing else you might have friends for life. You can travel, meet them in Bali-

Chelsae: Totally.

Dave: … meet them down in Tulum. I’ve got some pictures in her little event, and it really looks like a really fun and sort of spiritual group of people. So if that’s what you’re looking for, Chelsae is a great connector. Thank you so much, Chelsae.

Chelsae: Thank you. Just comment below. We’ll give away two tickets and we’ll be selecting those later today.

Dave: All right. See you all.

Chelsae: Thank you.

Dave: Good.


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