NomadX live Interview with Co-Founders Samara and David from Sunago House Coliving

🔥NomadX live Interview with Co-Founders Samara and David from Sunago House Coliving, Coworking & Surf Community in Europe’s Top Surf Paradise Ericeira Portugal🔥

👉🏼 Sunago gathers like minded digital nomads UNDER ONE ROOF. Sunago from the Greek “gathering people” is a coliving and coworking house located around Ericeira, a seaside resort and world-renowned surf location in Portugal close to the famous capital Lisbon.

At Sunago you can balance your life, share your experiences and create lasting connections from meeting new people from all over the world while discovering all that the Portuguese coast has to offer.💥💣

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Interview Transcription

– Hello, NomadX community. We are going live this week. We took the week off last week cause my wife and I were traveling to Madeira Island, where we were staying in Ponta do Sol, just to check out everything that’s going on in Ponta do Sol. And on Madeira Island, there’s a huge digital nomad initiative happening there. And yeah, it’s super, super exciting. We got a chance to hang out with Gonzalo, we got a chance to hang out with a lot of people running the retreats, like Maris and then Michelle from Borderless Retreats and nomad escape. So you guys have seen it here. But today actually we had a really nice session. We’re gonna be interviewing Samara and David from the Sunago house and they are based up in Ericeira. They started this business about a year and a half, two years ago and they come highly recommended. So anyway, we’re super excited. They should be joining us here in a second. We’re hoping they can get live with us, but yeah, just a quick little background on them. The Sunago house is in Ericeira. It’s one of the top surf locations in the world. Ericeira was named number three on nomad list very recently. I think it’s been in the top 10 pretty consistently but we’re super excited to go live with Samara and David because they’ve got. It’s a co-living co-working community made up of yoga people into meditation, into surfing coworking and yeah, just really excited to catch up with them today. So thank you all for joining us. If you guys have any questions, feel free to comment. Give us the thumbs up button. I’m just waiting for Samara and David to join us. Once they join in, we’re going to try and go live. Yeah, Samara if you’re actually on the live can you turn your phone vertical? There should be an icon with a little person over a screen. If you click that, oh, here we go. I can invite you in no problem. But just so you all know, Ericeira is one of the world’s surf reserves in Europe. It’s a famous destination for surfers, travelers and ocean lovers. They really picked a great location because it’s very, very close to Lisbon. It’s only about 30 or 40 minutes away. It’s close to Cascais, which is one of the other kinds of really nice places like Beverly Hills of Lisbon. And then to the North, we have Nazaré and Centra. So there’s like really, really amazing things to do, things to see and just super excited to have them come live with us here in a second. We’re going to talk a bit about their business, about what inspired them to start this journey and here they are. I’m going to invite them in. So just bear with us for one second. Please, yeah, give us the thumbs up. Please ask questions. If we can’t answer them on the live, we will get back to you. So without further ado, we’re inviting Samara and David, hold on one second. For those of you just joining us, we are going to be going live with Samara and David from the Sunago house co-living co-working and community out of Ericeira, Portugal. Top 10 digital nomad destination, and very close to Lisbon. I see, we have Vic watching. We have Doreen. Hey Doreen, what’s happening? Let’s see here. I’m gonna try this one more time. Approve it. Already guest this, there was already a guest in this broadcast. Hmm. Okay. I should be adding them here in one moment. So we’re just going to give this a second. But yeah, thank you Vic and Dareen for joining. If you guys want to ask any questions about the Sunago house in Ericeira we’d love your questions and for anyone else who’s going to be joining us here shortly. Okay, so for some reason it wasn’t working. Samara, if you can hear me, why don’t you guys try to join one more time. For some reason that one didn’t work or we might have to go, might have to catch up with you and then do a live here in a second. But for those people joining us, we are hoping to go live. Hey, Vlad what’s going on, man? We are going live with Samara and David from the Sunago house up in Ericeira. I hope I’m pronouncing that right. Co-Living co-working community amazing surf location. And let’s see if we can get them live here. All right, let’s try this one moment. Okay, we are adding them here and we should be going live here in about the next 15 to 30 seconds.

– Hey.

– Holy cow. I was getting worried there for a second, but awesome to see you all, how’s everything going? Hey, I’m doing very well, thank you so much. So we’re super excited to have you on the live with us today. We’ve been hearing so many great things about your business. Is it Sunago house, or Sonago?

– Sunago.

– Sunago.

– Okay.

– Old Greek.

– It’s Greek that’s right. I was, I was noticing there. So in Greek it means what gathering people, if I’m correct? I was looking on your website. So yeah, that’s the whole idea is to bring together a community of people that enjoy working together, yoga, meditation, surfing. So yeah, tell us a bit about your background. Tell us a bit about how you guys decided to get into this business and maybe give us a little background on what you guys are up to up in Ericeira ’cause it’s such a hotspot for surfing. We feel so lucky to have you on this live.

– Thank you very much. Thank you for having us.

– Thanks for the invitation.

– You wanna start?

– Yeah, well I think the main points for me and David was exactly to build a community and so nothing better than would be a, a co-living because I think it’s, it’s not just going to a place staying, you know, having an accommodation and the exit, we wanted to have more than that. And actually for this first year of business, we are really happy. I think with time, we are achieving that with our guests, we have guests that come back here and even the ones that are gone. You know, we feel that we are getting there with this community feeling for so many people.

– Yeah, I met Samara back in, when did we meet back in?

– 2012

– In 2012 I met Samara, almost almost 10 years. I met Samara in 2012 in Scotland. I was in the video game industry and I was doing some couch surfing, you know, coast surfing community. And it was a big community back in the day. Then I meet Samara like that. And a few years after we reconnected in Barcelona and then in Lisbon and I was like Samara, I have a big feeling. I want to quit my job. Nine to five on the computer, stuck in an office. I want to leave. I want to quit. I was already like doing a bit of self coaching, you know, so I had the taste of freedom and I was like, Sam, let’s go. Let’s do co-working co-living. Let’s combine, long-term accommodation. Let’s start a new community. Let’s start a community that is set up. And I was falling in love with this a lot, like 10 years ago. I started searching there when I was when I was a bit younger and I was like, this is the place. This is the place. This is going to be booming. More people will come here, you will see. So now, we are happy. We had the, we did a really good mood, really good mood.

– Yeah, we were both living in Lisbon and we started to talk about it and do some marketing search. What I think is nice is that I don’t know now, especially with a pandemic, a lot of businesses see an opportunity for that. And I’m not saying anything wrong about it, but the thing is from the beginning and the pandemic didn’t exist before, Me and David, we were already sure that we wanted to do a co-living, co-working. So we started with the community

– That’s fantastic. So you guys, you have a lot of digital nomads that stay at your place if I’m correct. It’s like a gathering of like-minded digital nomads under one roof, if I’m correct. I was taking a look through the website.

– Yeah.

– Yes.

– So maybe you can tell us a bit about what happens at this Sunago house. What are the activities like? What do people do? We want to kind of get the full rundown and Margo just joined us. She’s from Borderless Retreat. She’s on here. She’s giving us a lot of thumbs up, thumbs up. I don’t know if you’ve met her before, but she does some amazing retreats as well. But yeah, we’d love to know more about your business and just kind of lay into details of what people can expect when they come to visit you all.

– Okay, I think we have some ex Margo guests that are actually in the house right now, so we’re not going to lie. So yeah, we, we try to, we try to really give the opportunity to people. You know, the Sunago house is like more or less five kilometer from the Atlantic ocean. And this area is very famous for surfing. So basically here, we try to coordinate some sport activity connected with the ocean surfing, of course, but not only surfing. We can propose to people to go horse riding. We used to do a lot of barbecue, a lot of dinner, you know, to, to have this community, community feeling Samara and myself. You’re going to, you’re going to hear, we’re going to talk a lot about community. This is really the main target of Sunago. It’s really to put the people together. They are all digital nomads. They are traveling all year long. And here in our place is the, it’s like a shelter, you know, it’s like where you feel at home, it’s where you’re gonna do barbecue dinners, sport activities work out on the deck, outside in the sun. We have some, we did some last year. We did some.

– We have some tracking and coastal walks.

– Yeah.

– I think it’s like–

– Beach volley.

– Beach volley.

– It’s a little family.

– It’s a family, yeah.

– Yeah, like we keep a little family, like we are having dinner here all together this week. It’s starting to warm up so we can do more outside activities too. And I think it’s also important to point out that because of COVID we also have remote workers, not only digital nomads. So the type of people that actually, they don’t like to be moving all the time, but now they can work remotely. So it’s also nice because it’s a bit of a different mentality and it’s nice for us because they choose Sunago to kind of stay away a while, they don’t want to be moving, but they want to go somewhere.

– Okay, how long do people typically stay when they’re with you all?

– I would say minimal one month.

– Okay.

– But we already had guests like staying 10 months, three moms, five months. But yes, the minimum it’s a month. And also I think because of the prices, we kind of give discounts for people staying a month or more, exactly to point out again, this community feeling. We want people to have time to get to know each other and that’s how we become this, this family.

– We don’t want to have a normal guest house, you know, you have check-in check-out. You have a lot of turnover with the people. And at Sunago we really want to, to have an old, all year long community. We want to have the people, some I see perfectly. We want to have the people for a longer period of time, you know, because it’s, it’s better for the people. They can really connect to each other. They can go surfing together. They can do some innovation together, you know, and be happy with the task, with the job. So for Hearst is perfect. And as, as manager of Sunago, we, we, we became friends. You know, if people stay for a longer time, we are not only managers anymore. Sometime we can, we can, we can be friends, you know.

– That’s nice. Is it kind of a mix, I guess, of men and women. It’s because I was looking at website.

– Yeah.

– It looks like you guys have a really good mix. I saw the coworking space, looked pretty awesome. Looks like you guys have a really nice setup on co-working.

– Thank you. We are on here. Our printer.

– It looked like a really nice coworking spot. I know David, it’s interesting. ‘Cause I was looking up in your background. You’ve got like a really interesting background where you started off in programming and an award-winning game developer. I don’t play a lot of games myself. I did what my dad thinks that he doesn’t know how I became successful because he said all I did was play video games growing up.

– They said the same to me, but it was my job.

– That’s really cool. You taught yourself how to code and I guess you guys were involved with the Grand Theft Auto is one of the big hits that you were working on back in the day until you made this big shift. And I was, I noticed, yeah, it looked like you started a little surf Safari before this business. So you’ve gone through a little bit of a transition to get to this point. I’d love to know your story, hear your story. ‘Cause you’re the founder and CEO and partners with Samara.

– Yeah, for sure.

– You’re right, you’re right. I did, I made some big transition in my life. At the beginning I was a graphic designer in video games. So I was pretty lucky to work for really big companies. So as you can guess, the nine to five job in video games is probably more nine to 2:00 AM. So a lot of hard work, you know, a lot of overtime crunch time. But yeah, I was really lucky to, to be participating in very big games. I don’t know if I tell you about Grand Theft Auto, probably some people will know this game. So yeah, I was doing, I was doing the office job, you know. I was doing the job like very, very intense, you know. The video game industry it’s a big industry, you know. It’s number two in the world and sometimes it’s even bigger than making movies and cinema. So a lot of money involved, you know, a lot of stress, a lot of pressure, a lot of deadlines, really hard to reach many, many, many over time sometimes too much. And you know, after, after a few years and I was, I was in love with game design, but after a few years, I was like, I need to change my life. You know, I’m going close to 30. I’m not that young anymore. I need to do something. I need to escape from the office. And back in the days, they, they, when we were not talking about digital nomad, we were not talking about remote working. You know, we were really like, you are in the office or you work for yourself, but you are not between. So we used to have a lot of freelancers, you know, but remote working, digital nomads, no clue about it, you know, so I had to quit the industry. So I was like, okay, I’m going to do some Surf Safaris. Surfing has always been my number one passion. I’m born in the Mediterranean sea. So I have a connection with the ocean and connection with the sea, you know? So I was like, okay, I’m going to go. I’m going to try. I’m going to go in the opposite direction of making games, being a tech guy. I’m going to be a surfer. I’m going to be a surf coach. And it was not easy. A lot of people were telling me that I was being a wrong path and I was wasting time. But at the end of the day, it paid off. It paid off a lot. I was so lucky. I’ve been going to central America, coaching people, teaching people how to surf and how to connect with the ocean. I learned some stuff about nutrition. My nutrition was not that great. And after that I didn’t become vegetarian, but my nutrition was way better. So yeah, it was a really good move. And I did that for a couple of years and then I met Samara and then I turned my life again.

– Yeah. Awesome. So you guys, you guys are business partners. There’s no relationship beyond the business part.

– Yeah, we are business partners.

– We are business partners.

– So you’re from the South of France_

– We are still friends.

– I didn’t know, but I think I read somewhere. So I wanted to clarify that because that’s cool you guys are like, yeah, like business partners and I saw you were born in the same.

– Yeah, it’s almost like a marriage. Sometimes you want to keep a job there but.

– That’s entrepreneurship for you. These partnerships aren’t so easy all the time. Yeah, so where in the South of France are you from David?

– I’m from Marseille. Originally from Marseille. Now my family is living in Toulouse. It’s a small town, close to Marseille about kilometers. So it’s a beautiful countryside, beautiful. If you ever visit Marseille it’s.

– And Samara, your background? You’re more in the background in journalism and international relations. And you worked for the United nations for a while and it looks like you’ve traveled quite a bit as well. It wasn’t work, it was university consulting, but yes, I did journalism and international relations and I’ve been traveling around the world as well. I already work in the tourism industry in Brazil. A bit different. I was working with exchange programs, so people were going to study abroad. But yes, I always wanted to have accommodation. I wasn’t sure if it was a guest house or a hostel or something. So we already had the same idea. And then David came up telling us about the co-living co-working that we started to stirred about it and decided.

– Awesome. And you have a lot of experience in the tourism sector as well, right?

– You’ve worked with some

– Yes, I worked in Brazil and was when I was back in Portugal. I also like David, this nine to five job. I got it. I was working in the tourism industry in Portugal as well. In Morocco. Yes, I did a summer, a summer season in Morocco with Portuguese tourists.

– All right. Yeah, I love Morocco. It’s like one of my favorite places. I’m, I’m dying to go back there after this pandemic.

– Some 40 degrees heat.

– I love the Tajine. Those things are amazing.

– Me too.

– That’s cool. All right. Well, yeah, it’s great to have you guys on here. I was noticing on your website, you have like some, you know, some things that you say about, you know, really trying to help people balance their lives, share experiences, create lasting connections and meet new people. So yeah, it’s very, very inspiring what you all are up to in the community. After I announced that you guys are going to be on the show, I got like some really, really great feedback. Like everyone was saying, hey, you guys, you’re really picking the right people to interview. So I’m glad about that.

– Ah, that’s awesome. Thank you so much David. Yes, while it’s not always easy, especially, you know, with COVID and everything. But for example, we have a guest here that was with us last year and she came back this week. So it’s super nice to have to have that because yeah, just confirms that we are the right path back, you know, having people that want to come back, yeah. It shows us we are working hard, but it’s been worth it.

– Give us motivation to keep going on that way, you know?

– Yeah, that’s, that’s great.

– People are coming back with smiles and they want to spend more time here at the house working together. We are pretty happy with that. That’s nice, ’cause there’s not so many co-working spaces at Ericeira at the moment, right? So it’s kind of limited.

– We can count them on this hand. There’s a few of them. We are probably one of them when we create Sunago in 2019. When we start renovating the house. We really target the fact that we wanted to have a place that we did design, one other person, for digital nomads. So of course, we didn’t build from scratch. We took a Portuguese house. We renovated the house. But always keeping in mind that the final target will be digital nomadism. So we really tried to have a really nice open space as coworking. We wanted the coworking to be surrounded by a nice garden. You know, that the people can see trees, can see birds singing when they’re on the computer. That was something that was missing me when I was in the video games industry. You know, I was in a big building in Scotland and I was facing a wall, you know, a big building. So that was miserable. You know, the view was, was not, was not great. And now here at Sunago, we really designed everything to be open space, to be quiet, to be relaxed, to have some green, some plants around. So this is very I think it’s a nice, nice one. There’s not too many places like that right now in Ericeira.

– And at the same time to separate the place, you know, like at the house, the guests can go and live their personal life. They need to focus at work. They come to the co-working, you know, it’s not just, we have a table, you put your laptop there. It’s, you can have this. And I think it’s good for the guests because sometimes they are stressed about work and they go inside or they go to the garden and you know, it’s not that you are stressing with work in your bedroom. That is also the same place for you to relax. So to create this.

– Yeah, I think, I think it’s really.

– Division.

– I think that you will agree with that. I think it’s really important to, to have a place where you live, where you sleep, a place where you cook and a place where you walk, you know, and nowadays with this, after this, during this pandemic, everybody’s supposed to stay at home, you know, and it’s not easy to stay at home because you do everything in one room. You know, so for a lot of people, if you have a small apartment, you are locked in your room and you do everything, you prepare the food, you sleep and you walk, and this is really difficult, you know, and at Sunago we really try to design, as Samara was saying, one place to live, one place to walk, and this is detach, you know?

– Yeah. It’s a Villa, right. So it has a really nice garden.

– Yes. It’s a really pretty area. It’s a very traditional Portuguese Villa that you guys are in, which is super awesome.

– Very cool.

– And I hear there’s a really nice kind of startup environment that you guys have created too. So it’s not all about the surf and the yoga, but it is like, you guys have a startup culture and mentality with the business as well. But yeah, I think it’s super important at the moment. I mean, people, I think are all, like you said, they’re all stuck in these apartments and cities where it could be very cold at the moment. They’re looking to escape. I feel like everyone’s starting to get vaccinated. So I think it seems like, yeah, the travel is starting to open up quite a bit. And I think this summer is going to be good. So we wanted to get you guys on before everything got too crazy. ‘Cause I feel like you guys are going to get overwhelmed with all the responses which you guys have created that.

– Well I think we can’t complain about last year actually.

– Even with Covid, you know, it was our first year. So actually soon ago didn’t exist before COVID. We were born with COVID. So I think we can’t complain. It was a really nice year. We met amazing guests, amazing people. And yes, I think for a first year of a company, we.

– I think we will remember all our life because for my side is the first time I open such a big company with lots of investments, and I open during a world pandemic, you know, it’s like, it’s crazy. When you think about it, like, there’s probably a lot of people around the planet that did the same move. That creates the company just on the day. We literally opened the doors two days before the pandemic.

– Before the borders closed. We didn’t expect that we didn’t expect it. And now, we only hope that that’s not going to be just a short trend that people will start to understand that remote working and digital nomads, it’s the future. It’s the present. But it’s the future 100%. Yeah, I definitely think so. That’s the direction we’re seeing it go in. And even some of these bigger companies like the Salinas and the Outsight, I know there’s a couple of companies locally there, but you know, they have more of a corporate feel. These aren’t necessarily there, you know, where they started the company. I think Selena was started more in central and South America whereas, you guys were founded here in Europe and maybe you have a better understanding of the European market and you know, a big opportunity like that could be ahead for you all as well. ‘Cause they, they weren’t started that long ago either. So I think there’s like massive potential in this, in this business because.

– Yeah, opening the market.

– People want to get away. They want to have these experiences. They want to have the connection. If you want to learn how to surf. I feel like, you know, so to stay at a place like yours, it’s hard to learn to surf in a week. ‘Cause I, I, you know, I’m, I’m like an ultimate beginner intermediate, now, maybe.

– It’s okay, Dave.

– I can teach you. It can be, you can stand up on the board way less than the week I guarantee.

– I live in.

– But that’s why we have good deals for a month for more, you know, so it’s a good time to learn how to surf.

– I feel like it’s a really great time. Basically what I learned was this last summer during the pandemic, cause I was really able to focus on my surfing and I, there was a group down here Aldo’s that’s a local camp here in Arizona. And I know like I actually, one of the guys that used to work there this guy Elliott, I think we were talking about before we shared a relationship, hopefully he didn’t tell you too much about my surfing skills, but, but he’s a super nice guy.

– He told me that you are not kind.

– He told me you should connect with Dave because he’s all about coworking and the digital nomads community. And I was like, oh.

– That’s awesome.

– I was checking out the prices here. You had the prices look very, very reasonable. So just for the community I was just gonna hit on like the monthly prices, but for a dorm, if you were to have a, in a dorm room is 400 euros for the month. It looks like a single is 750. And then if you have a double, it was like 995. That’s with two people in a double, which looked awesome. And then you have some co-working, which is about 120 euros for the month. So everyone on here from the nomadics community, we have Samara and David. They’re the co-founders of Sunago house co-living and co-working in Ericeira. We’re really excited to be going live with them here. We’ve been talking a bit about their backgrounds and their awesome surf location, all the things that they’re doing up in Ericeira, which is really one of the top surf locations in the world. And definitely one of the top surf locations in Europe. Very, very close to Lisbon. But the nice thing is you guys are so close to Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Nazaré. And then I was talking to Margarita who runs a girl on a wave. That’s how I got in touch with you originally. And she partners with you all as well, if I’m correct. So you partner with other retreats.

– Yeah.

– We partner with. Yeah, Margarita from a girl on a wave. She’s a close friend of ours and yeah, we decide to, to stay open that year. We wanted to stay open in the deep of the winter and in Ericeira. And so yeah, we partnered with my guides and we started to launch like a retreat for surfers and digital nomads, but unfortunately we get an impact like quite a really brutal lock down here in Portugal. Everything was closed. It was not it was not legal to be coaching, surfing on the beach. So it was really, really tricky. We didn’t expect to be, we locked down. So, so, so heavily during the beginning of the year, you know? And so unfortunately we had to come, we had to cancel the retreat, but we were, we were pretty unhappy with that of course because yeah, we were ready to host people, even in the deepest time, the winter in Portugal, it’s still amazing. We have heaters, we have fireplaces. We can do a lot of cooking, you know, it’s nice. You can, we have big waves. Nazaré is amazing in January, but yeah, unfortunately we are too. We have to cancel. Yeah, because of, because of, you know, the restriction lock down. Yeah, I might, I might do a little vacation and head up there and visit you guys.

– You should. My wife is gonna become a better surfer than me. She’s the surfer in the family. She’s totally addicted. She’s out there right now, actually, while I’m on this call. So I’ve got a little FOMO here.

– You should definitely come chill. No Sunago and Sunago, both surf with David and Margarita.

– We have a, I’ve been surfing this morning. You see, I’ve been surfing. I mean I have to, I have to be at Sunago. I have to take care of the business. If someone, as much as I can. Now, you know, I try to split my time between some good waves and taking care of the guests here at Sunago. Yeah, very important balancing life. That’s what we want to give to people a balance.

– Awesome.

– Well, listen, I think this was like a really awesome interview. We really enjoyed catching up with you all. We try to keep these for about 20 to 30 minutes or so. So I’ve got another call after this, unfortunately. Otherwise we’d just keep going. But yeah, as we start to wrap. Anything, any kind of parting wisdom for our community here.

– Dave, I’m sorry. We have some lag in the video. Could you repeat the last question? It was frizzy.

– Okay. So yeah, we’re wrapping up the videos. So I just thought if at the end here, if you guys have any parting thoughts or any special offers or anything, you’d just like to leave with the community here before we log off.

– Okay, so, for the community guys, everything’s going to be alright 2021. We’re going to kick in with an even better score than 2020. Everything’s going to be alright. We are Sunago and Samara welcome you. Whenever you come, come here, discover a bit of Ericeira on the coast of Portugal. And some pastel de nata. We have very good food too. And we will be happy to wake up and see you.

– He’s single by the way.

– Oh, oh, watch out. He looks like a shark. I don’t know. So yeah, he looks in very good shape.

– You are welcome whenever you want.

– Yeah, it’s an amazing location community. You guys just, if you get a chance, check out Ericeira. Got to the nomad list, you’ll see them in the top 10 and as high as number three, this last year. I think the founder of nomadless even lives there. It’s like, it’s a real hotspot at the moment and definitely a place I’ve spent a little time there. I want to spend more time. And we have a lot of guests who want to go to Ericeira. So, you know, check out we’ve, we’ve got apartments and things in the, in the area. But I think staying with the community, it’s just a whole different experience and a great way to connect and really understand the, you know, everything that’s going on in this cool little town, right outside of Portugal. That’s got these awesome little Portuguese houses and villages and amazing bars and restaurants. And like you guys said incredible seafood. This is the, yeah, this is the place to finish one of the best places. One of the top 10 in Europe.

– Yeah, definitely. Yeah, that’s why I’ve got you on the video here. ‘Cause I know it’s. Where everyone wants to be. So, but yeah, I guess what.

– Good people connect together.

– But thank you all so much. I really enjoyed catching up with you all.

– Thank you.

– Thank you Dave.

– I wish you all the best.

– Thank you so much for your time.

– You just have the most success.

– Thank you Dave. Thank you, thank you.

– And we wait to hear.

– We wait for you Dave.

– Don’t wait too long, I’m going to be up there pretty soon with my big board.

– Alright, see you all.

– Thank you, bye bye.


NomadX is a European accommodation marketplace for remote work travelers and digital nomads with over 11k listings across 18 countries with stays for 2 weeks to 12 months and average stays of 3 months. The business was started to meet the needs of the rapidly growing global community of location-independent remote workers, or “Digital Nomads”.
As Digital Nomads ourselves, we know what the market is looking for: trusted, affordable accommodations in highly-attractive locations worldwide at 50% less than AirBNB. We also run the popular NomadX Private Travel Community  where we share hacks, tips & special offers to our community members which can be found @ https://m.facebook.com/groups/nomadx/


Please join our community of Digital Nomads and remote workers from around the world:

Instagram: nomadx.experience

Facebook: NOMADX

Facebook Group: Travel Community for Remote Workers


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