Flatio & NomadX have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Startup Madeira

We’re super excited to announce that Flatio & NomadX have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Startup Madeira to support the Island to become one of the top destinations for Digital Nomads.

We’re offering our online rental technology to all Madeira’s landlords for free during 2021 to help them to attract digital nomads and replace the missing incomes from tourism. And, we are offering 25% discount on service fees to guests by using “DigitalNomadsMadeira” at checkout.

The biggest advantage to local landlords is that they will be able to advertise their properties for free, no fees during 2021, no commitments, online signing of the lease agreement, our own solution for recurrent payments, mobile application, customer support in Portuguese, significantly less time spent with communication, cleanings, and lots of global traffic to market their listings. Another great advantage is that landlords are always in full control to whom they will rent their property.

We couldn’t be more excited as this initiative fully aligns around our vision for remote work and digital nomadism happening in remote areas away from the major global cities.

We’re actively adding inventory daily to the Digital Nomad Village in Ponta do Sol and all across Madeira Island, so be on the lookout here.


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As Digital Nomads ourselves, we know what the market is looking for: trusted, affordable accommodations in highly-attractive locations worldwide at 50% less than AirBNB. We also run the popular NomadX Private Travel Community  where we share hacks, tips & special offers to our community members which can be found @ https://m.facebook.com/groups/nomadx/


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