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Remote Work inspiration: Books, podcasts, channels & more.

Remote work inspiration alert! In this article, you will find the best books and podcasts, the most inspiring personalities, the conferences and events not to miss, and the online content to gorge on if you are interested in remote work.

Whether you are a newbie in remote work or a seasoned one that needs a new wind, you will find something or someone new to be inspired from in the list below. If you feel like there is something or someone missing in this list, go ahead and let us know in the comments.

Remote work inspiration
Working remotely (Photo by TravelB4Settle)

Remote Workers to get inspired by

  • Pieter Levels

No real digital nomad doesn’t know Pieter Levels’ name. We don’t all love him but we can’t deny he has done a lot for the remote workers’ world community. He has created and founded many useful platforms for all of us. Who has never used Nomad List? But he hasn’t just “worked” for us, he lives the life himself having left straight out of college to work remotely.

  • Liam Martin

Liam is the co-founder of timedoctor.com and staff.com and his work has given digital nomads new tools to keep their focus. He can help you be more productive and organised, effectively allowing you to turn your dream to work remotely into a monetarily viable future.

  • Cody McKibben

He started being a digital nomad before it became a popular path. Cody personifies the location independent entrepreneurial lifestyle: he travels the world all-year-round and supports himself with his blog and by sharing his knowledge on the subject. During the years he has helped launch countless digital products and online startups.

Alternative remote workers to keep an eye on: Radina Nedyalkova; Gonçalo Hall (Advocate of remote work in Portugal); TravelB4Settle (🙂).

Remote Work Books that must be read

“What we fear doing most is, usually, what we most need to do” – Tim Ferris

  • The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World by Chris Guillebeau

A great book for all those who pursue unconventional lives. This book is based on Chris Guillebeau‘s popular online manifesto “A Brief Guide to World Domination” and defies common assumptions about life and work while equipping its readers with tools and strategies to live differently. It explains how to live on your own terms by exploring creative self-employment, radical goal-setting, contrarian travel, embracing life as a constant adventure and still make the world a better place at the same time.

  • The 4-hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris

The 4-hour workweek is considered by many (ourselves included) the remote work bible. If you ask 10 remote workers, what book changed their lives, 8 of them will, at least, include this one in the list and the other 2 will say they don’t read at all.

In this book, the successful entrepreneur Timothy Ferris explores the concept of the New Riches, those who rather experience over ownership, freedom over luxury and time over money. In his book, Tim Ferris teaches how to negotiate remote work in a corporate job, how to outsource life to gain time and how to filter work and focus in what bring the most results. Basically how to achieve a fulfilled life while still getting work done. A must!

Remote work books
Tim Ferris writing (Photo by Tim Ferris)
  • 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey

Stephen’ book has an holistic and integrated approach for solving personal and professional problems. It isn’t the last fade in personal development. Indeed it has been selling since 1990! The contents of the book are timeless principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity. To get the most out of it we recommend “studying” it, take notes, think carefully about what you are reading and how to apply it to your life, you will be amazed by the final result.

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Alternative books: Quiet by Susan Cain (for introvert entrepreneurs); Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff; The Success Principles by Jack Canfield; DotCom Secrets by Russel Brunson

Best Youtube channels for Remote Work inspiration 

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” — Jim Rohn

  • Chris the Freelancer

Chris, shortly after graduating and having a taste of what would look like building a career in the corporate world, left everything behind to become a location-independent freelancer. He became a professional web developer and, in his youtube channel he shares how is like to be a Digital Nomad. He shares his lifestyle in various countries around the world while sharing useful content and tips to help others achieve a similar life.

  • TED Talks

TED Talks are always inspiring. There are several directly on remote work but even more on lateral topics that we can still learn from. Whether you are feeling low on motivation or imagination there is a TED talk for you. Look them up on their YouTube channel or download their app.

Remote Work inspiration youtube
TEDX Talk (Photo by TED X talk Youtube)
  • Hubspot

Hubspot is a widely known company that provides software that helps companies in their marketing, sales, CRM and customer service. Their YouTube channel is a powerful platform for everyone involved with online businesses, where they create frequent high-quality content helping other professionals and businesses with their growth.

Alternative Channels: Gary Vee; Tony Robbins; Harvard Business Review; Pat Flynn

Remote Work conferences and events to learn and network at

  • DNX

The DNX – Digital Nomad Festival is the #1 event for Digital Nomads and happening all around the world at places like Bangkok, Berlin and Lisbon. DNX is not only a mega event for entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads & a Holistic Lifestyle but is also one of the biggest communities of Digital Nomads on the internet!

  • Nomad Cruise

Nomad Cruise, yup, you read it right. Imagine a Digital Nomad boot camp but on a cruise stopping in the most incredible destination in the world while learning new things, networking and making connections for life in the remote world.

  • Nomad Summit

Nomad Summit is the biggest conference for location independent entrepreneurs. It teaches you how to start and scale a remote business. It always happens in Chiang Mai, Thailand and it is highly attended.

  • Running Remote

Running Remote is a conference on managing remote teams in Austin TX. It is for people that run a remote team or want to start one. It isn’t just generic talk, its panels cover serious actionable strategies and tactics and you will have mastered them by the end of the 2 days.

  • Freedom X Fest

Freedom X Fest is a week-long festival that takes place in Bali. It is great to meet like-minded people sharing your life goals. Business isn’t the only focus of the discussions and sessions, spiritual topics and self-care are also explored.

Remote work events
Remote Work event Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi)

Note: all 3 conferences/events have moved digital due to Coronavirus. They have revised their programs and have made them relevant to the time we are living in. Some have already taken place and part of the content is available online. That means you can attend world-quality panels from the comfort of your home!

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Best podcasts for remote work inspiration

“Ditch your job, travel the world & find new purpose” — Jason Moore

  • Remote Work Movement Podcast by Gonçalo Hall

As the name is not explanatory enough, Gonçalo Hall, a big advocate of the Remote Work in Portugal, created this Remote Work Movement podcast with the goal to inspire and educate everyone on remote work by providing interviews with highly successful remote workers around the globe.

  • Business Method Podcast by Chris Reynold’s

Chris’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and high-performers take their brainpower, performance and productivity to the next level through the Business Method Podcast. Sharing valuable content and bringing awesome guests every episode with the main purpose to optimize productivity and performance levels for those with an entrepreneurial vein.

Remote work podcast
Remote work pocasts (Photo by @austindistel)
  • Zero to Travel by Jason Moore

The quote above is how Jason advertises his podcast, and he is truthful to his words. A must-listen-to if you want to live that nomad part of the name in digital nomad. The episodes cover a variety of scenarios and are a goldmine of practical advice and ground-breaking ideas.

  • Goad Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is a self-made millionaire and a very successful entrepreneur. The Goal digger podcast is a source of inspiration for any online business, from social media to the work-life balance everyone struggles with. Constant high-quality content created by her and her very interesting guest with the mission to help people redefine success and chase bolder dreams.

  • The tropical MBA podcast by Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen

The show started back in 2009. Back then the episodes were more often than not Dan and Ian sharing their learning in starting a location independent business. More recent episodes showcase a vast number of successful entrepreneurs they have met and their inspiring stories.

Alternative podcasts: The Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn; The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes; Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas; Nomad Capitalist; Tim Ferris podcast; Location Indie Podcast

With such a list of incredible inspiration on remote work and digital nomadism, we leave you to learn something and be inspired.

Comment below to let us know if we have missed a great one or if you have found your new favourite source of inspiration on our list.


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