NomadX Presents: The Virtual eXstatic Dance Party

Join the 2nd Global Monthly Edition of the Virtual Exstatic Dance, starting Friday April 24th at 12PM CET through Saturday April 25th: 24 hours, 20 Djs and 1,000s of worldwide participants

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful… This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking”

The Virtual eXstatic Dance (#VED) is a monthly, global, virtual, ecstatic dance event – to connect remote workers, digital nomads, electronic artists, and those in desire for connection.

For 24 hours, DJs from around the world will live-stream their sets, while 1,000s of participants will live-stream their dance from home. United, again. The #VED is also a platform for artists, who had to cancel their events or are themselves stuck in quarantine, to express their gifts and connect with the world.

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NomadX eXstatic dance party

The VED is held every last Friday of the month and the entire 24 hours are guided by the sacred principles of ecstatic dancing.

  • No drugs: the goal is to promote being in our bodies and expressing ourselves in our natural state;
  • No talking: the goal is to have an individual experience. (Same applies to our virtual eXstatic dance, in which participants will see each other, but will remain muted);
  • No judgments: we accept each other as we are. No judgment should be made on the way we dance or move.

Dave Williams, CEO and Co-founder of NomadX, is excited to help produce such an amazing event for the global community of remote workers and digital nomads during the worldwide pandemic, as “we see ecstatic dance as a fantastic way to lose yourself  in ecstasy to the vibrating rhythm of the music. It helps to release tensions and forget all the problems in our lives and to simply enjoy the present moment.”

In the last edition (March), the Virtual eXstatic Dance attracted 3,000+ attendees from 128 countries, making the world united through music. 

Gui Perdrix, who leads the project within NomadX, said that “we’ve never seen that many people willing to show up, dance, and connect with strangers – and all of that online!”.

The idea started by hosting a virtual ecstatic dance set and turned into a twenty-four hour global party. “As an ecstatic dance DJ – Paris, Barcelona, Bali – I found a way to not only bring music, but connection to people. The whole goal of ecstatic dance is to express yourself freely, to give people a space to be authentically themselves and let their emotions out freely. It’s very liberating” says Gui.

The next edition of the VED is bringing again artists from all around the world together. A combination between Nomadx Resident DJs, Selina in-house artists and new headliners, here are a few artists that are awaiting you:

🎧 NomadX Resident DJs:

🎧 Other Confirmed DJs:

Come celebrate life and express your freedom, peace, unity, and joy through dance! 

This party is a free donation based event to benefit electronic artists and is a production by NOMADX along with its global partner Selina and Ecstatic Dance International Guests are encouraged to support the event and its artists by making a minimum donation along with the ability to tip DJs throughout the event.   

For more about the event, please register here: https://www.exstaticdance.com/

What is ecstatic dance? 

Ecstatic dance (or as we call it, ‘eXstatic dance’) is a form of dance inspired by ancient wisdom, indigenous cultures and ancestral rituals. In which, basically you freely move and abandon yourself to the rhythm until you get to a feeling of extreme freedom and ecstasy, without the need to take any drugs or drinks. 

You dance with your whole body, stretching, jumping, spinning and smiling with the intention of deeply and spiritually connecting with others and your own emotions. Is it an active form of meditation designed to handle stress and attain serenity. 

exstatic dance party NomadX
NomadX eXstatic dance party

Ecstatic dance is an ancient concept and has been practiced throughout human history, mainly associated with religious traditions all over the world. However, it is a concept that came back to life 50 years ago in the western world and is connected to many tantra practices.

The music is a mix of deep electronic tunes with organic tribal rhythms. With the main purpose of taking us on a mystical journey into the depth of our embodied presence and deeply connect to ourselves and the ones around us. 

Why is NomadX organizing Virtual Exstatic Dance Parties? 

These ecstatic dance events are of huge importance for NomadX. Health and Wellness in a core value for our remote lifestyle. We have found this helps lead to connection, inspired creativity, friendships and so much more as we help contribute to a healthy and conscious lifestyle for our community. 

We know the impact a strong, diverse and inclusive community can make and the obstacles it can overcome together. That is why we fight so hard for a connected community. And we believe there is nothing better to achieve high levels of connections than sharing… Sharing moments, energy and emotions.

The Virtual Exstatic Dance was created for that and for much more. It’s a unique opportunity for music artists to share their music with their audiences in these tough times and an opportunity to show ourselves what we are made of. This crisis will not defeat what defines us as human beings and that we are holding together for whatever the future is saving for us. 

Join us, and let’s overcome this together! 

For more info about the Virtual Exstatic Dance Party, please visit: https://www.exstaticdance.com/

For the techies: What’s the technology set up behind the scenes?

You might be wondering how we are putting on a 24-hour event with 20 global DJs and amazing sound quality. If you’re interested, then read our blog post:
How to Live Stream a DJ Event with Zoom


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About Ecstatic Dance International is a freeform dance movement that began in 2008 in Oakland, California and has spread like wildfire to over 200 locations across the globe. Twice a year, we offer an online program where you can learn to start your own Ecstatic Dance. At Ecstatic Dance, dancers reconnect with self, spirit and a vibrant global community through freeform dance and music. We believe in inclusivity, responsibility, and freedom.

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