How To Make Friends And Date As Remote Workers

By Taige Zhang, Founder of Fairytrail

While working remotely can boost productivity, lead you to new and exciting places (as fast or as slow as you like) and introduce you to people from all walks of life that you’d likely never meet being stuck in an office, finding these people can be tricky – particularly if you’re new to digital nomadism. 

We’ve put together our top five tips for combating loneliness and connecting with like-minded individuals– maybe you’ll find love, and if not, you’ll definitely find friends!

1. Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces aren’t new, but they are becoming more accessible, and more of them are springing up in digital nomad hubs and cities across the world. 

If you’ve never tried one or don’t know what they are, co-working spaces are office spaces you can pay to use. They aren’t just set up with high-speed wifi, work stations and coffee on tap like a real office; they’re also designed to be a social hub. 

The good ones have board-games, social events like supper clubs or cocktail making nights and positively encourage members to get to know each other and hang out together. 

Simply search for the best ones in the city you’re planning to visit. NomadX for example is great for Lisbon. Puerto&Co is great for Costa Rica. So do your research!

2. Get outside, talk to people on the street

If you don’t fancy paying for a co-working space that doesn’t mean you can’t meet people. Get outside, go for a walk, talk to the local people in the town you’re staying in and put yourself out there a bit. 

Just like in a typical office, you’ve got to actually talk to other people (IRL) to get to know them; you may make friends with the locals or other remote workers and chatting with people from entirely different backgrounds is half the fun!

3. Seek out classes and groups

In most digital nomad ‘hubs’ and larger cities, there will be group activities you can join. Common themes include creative outlets and exercise – painting, yoga, meditation, HIIT classes, salsa… There are often dozens of these classes, and many of them offer introductory prices so you can give it a go without breaking the bank. 

Find one you like the look of and put it as an immovable feature in your diary – even if you don’t meet people (unlikely!), you’ll be learning a new skill. 

Meetup and Eventbrite have tons of free events to find people with similar interests. For example, I’m going to a free yoga event in San Francisco this Saturday that I found on Eventbrite. 

4. Give apps such as Fairytrail a go

For those who prefer to meet people online then a fantastic solution for you is the Fairytrail, dating and social app. Designed specifically for remote workers and digital nomads to connect with like minded individuals in a safe and fun way, Fairytrail lets you showcase your personality through a Fairytrail character and fun questions like ‘most adventurous experience’. 

About 93% of Fairytrail users work remotely or aspire to work remotely. They have the flexibility and finances to go adventuring, and they just need someone to share the experience with.

For something less remote worker specific, you could try social apps with a strong travel focus such as Couchsurfing.

5. Find your ‘spot’

Maybe it’s a local library, a coffee shop, restaurant with a comfortable seating area, or if you’re a beach-seeking nomad, perhaps the local beach bar. The possibilities are endless. 

Keep going to the same ‘spot’, and you’ll get to know the people working there and other regulars, whether they’re working or coming to socialise. People are inherently curious, and it won’t take too many visits before someone asks you ‘so, what do you do on your computer all day?’

6. Volunteer your time

Finally, consider volunteering your time at a non-profit which supports a cause you care about. 

Many digital nomads are also into this form of wealth distribution and giving back to the communities where they’re living temporarily. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people who have the same interests as you and have a caring, community-minded spirit. And, you’re supporting a cause which otherwise may not be able to run without the help of you and your fellow nomads – win-win!


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