How to reconnect with a city coming out of a lockdown?

As more and more cities in Europe gradually emerge from the lockdown, we get to hang out outside again.

Isn’t it exciting? There’s still a while before we can get back to all our pre-corona habits and routines (let’s just try to stick to the good ones!), but this leaves us with a window of opportunity to take the time to reconnect with our cities. Here’s five tips on how to make the most of it.

Start with your neighbourhood

Do you know the (hi)story behind the name of your street? Can you name 5 local businesses closest to you? Where is the nearest street art? These are a few questions to get you started getting curious about your area again. A casual chat on Zoom inspired us to create a short quiz checking how well we really know our neighbourhoods; it’s great for self-reflection too!

Keep your phone in a pocket

And keep your headphones away too! Just be fully present in the moment and you’ll become more aware of your surroundings. What we often see in our reviews is people being surprised with how many things they never noticed before – despite claiming the area well or even living there for years! If you prefer a more focused approach, give yourself a mission: find a new sign post, or see how many fire escapes or chimneys you can count. Being attentive can be fun!

Take a different path

If you’re not in a rush, choose a different way on your way back from work. Yes, it’s simple as that, but how often do you do it, really? Get a little bit lost, purposefully. You’ll find a way. Maybe you’ll discover a stunning hidden patio, like one of our team members the other day.

Create your own ‘explorer card’

You know those loyalty cards in cafes? Take a piece of cardboard (hello, cereal!) and draw 10 squares on it. Then open Google Maps in your area and type ‘cafe’, ‘restaurant’ or ‘bar’ – and put their names in the squares on your card. Now, visit a place each week and cross them out. You can rate them if you’d like. Next time someone asks for recommendations nearby, you’ll have plenty (and you’ll know which ones to skip too). If creating a card is too crafty, just make a list on your phone. It is a good system either way!

Go for a self-guided discovery walk in Lisbon (or in other 50 cities in Europe)

Our experiences are created by the curious, for the curious. Some trails are designed by enthusiastic locals, and some by expats who have fallen in love with the city – like us. Location-specific riddles sharpen your senses and encourages you to appreciate the most wonderful – and often hidden – details around you. Whether you know Lisbon or just start exploring here, this experience gives you a perspective on discovery that will inspire your curiosity wherever you go next.

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